TST2-R energysaving normalizer

5 июля 2015
TST2-R - three-phase energysaving normalizer
the AC voltage.

It is known that high voltage in the mains is also found frequently as a low voltage. Moreover, for different places, usually characterized by a certain level of voltage. Somewhere in largely reduced, in other places mostly normal or largely increased. This level is roughly the same all the time. On the background of cyclical changes occur in the voltage associated with the load changes in the network. Too high the level of steady-state voltage deviation is largely dependent on the nutrition centre, the location of power consumers (consumers of electrical energy) close to supply substation. Power supply high voltage leads to additional significant losses, because the losses are proportional to the square of the current, so at steady-state voltage deviation upwards of 10% of the loss will increase by 21%. The saving in filtersettings the normalizers (transformers) TST2-R is achieved by the normalization phase (line) voltage, by eliminating the unbalance of voltages that the power supply of 0,4 KV is much higher than the voltage unbalance, and is generally characterized by the invariance (equality) line voltage and the significant difference of the phase voltages and the installation at the outlet when connecting the device to mains and load) voltage is not below the minimum and normally valid for HOST-97, namely the values W. Normalization of the stress is provided by parametrically, by obtaining the minimum transformer impedance to zero sequence currents, and also by installing the appropriate level of regulation. An important advantage of normalizers TST2-R is the lack of contactors, relays and semiconductors in power circuits, only copper and steel, which allows to achieve the high reliability of the device and to minimize maintenance.
Filtercartridge normalizers TST2-R performed with one control stage (when there is a possibility of installation of two voltage levels) or with two stages of regulation (when there is a choice of three voltage levels). Thus, as a result of the normalization of stress and balancing is achieved by improving the reliability of the system of power supply, reduction of losses of electric energy, i.e. cost savings.

TST2-R-A AND (automatic) provides, depending on the version 1 or 2 two basic modes of operation:
TST2-R-A (ver. 1):

  • Mode of operation from the mains (Bypass);
  • In the energy saving mode, filtercartridge Normalizer voltage.
TST2-R-A (ver. 2):
  • Mode filtercartridge Normalizer voltage with an additional step on increase - when low input voltages;
  • In the energy saving mode, filtercartridge Normalizer voltage with an additional step to decrease at higher input voltages.
Switching from one mode to another in both versions is done automatically and without breaking the load circuit.

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