TST2-O (A)

5 июля 2015
TST2-O(A) the automatic - new:

1. Automatic three phase-phase filtercartridge normalizers (stabilizers) AC voltage type TST2-O(A), are designed to supply industrial and domestic single-phase load rated voltage 220(230)from a three-phase supply network to ensure uninterrupted power, the normalization of the single-phase supply voltage, reduced input currents drawn from a three-phase source of electrical energy, electromagnetic compatibility when working on single-phase load, the smoothing surges and reducing voltage dips, with the inclusion of single-phase loads, filtering the third and her multiple higher harmonics.
2. depending on the quality of voltage, the output balun transformer with additional levels of regulation, it will automatically select the most appropriate voltage to the determined levels. The maximum and minimum voltage can be changed by the user.


rated power single-phase load kVA

5,1; 6,3; 8,3; 10

efficiency, %


nominal input voltage (linear),


, the variation of stresses mains,In (to connect the Normalizer voltage)





               110  - 280

               330  - 430

Set the maximum and minimum single-phase output voltage ,V



nominal output voltage


the suppression Ratio of current third harmonic

less  three

protection Class according to GOST


dimensions [mm - transformer

- automatic switch phases




Weight, kg, - transformer

- automatic switch phases


55; 60; 65; 70


it is Possible to manufacture TST2-O(A) with the block of automatic phase switch in one housing with filtrelenmelidir transformer and other power.


- the Range of ambient temperatures for the enzyme -25° to +40°;
- For transformer from-45C° to + 45C°;
- Relative humidity at a temperature of 25C° 80%;
- Altitude above sea level not exceeding 1000m;
- The environment is not explosive, not containing conductive dust, corrosive gases and vapors in concentrations destroying metal and insulation.

the advantages of using three-phase-single-phase transformer TST2-O and single-phase-three-phase normalizer (regulator) voltage TST2-O(A) in comparison with single-phase AC voltage stabilizers:

1. Reducing the maximum values consumed from the mains current is 1.5 times that creates additional opportunities to increase capacity.
2. No need for balancing of loads (especially useful when the load cannot be divided into three groups).
3. the Filtering of the third and her multiple higher harmonics generated by nonlinear loads.
4. elimination of the influence of unbalance voltages (bias neutral) on the value of the single-phase voltage. 
5. Simplicity and reliability, with a minimum of switching elements in the product, with a wide range of compensable changes in the input voltages is achieved through balancing and three regulation levels (for TST2-O(A)).

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