Three-phase independent sources of electrical energy

5 июля 2015
Three-phase independent sources of electrical energy:

Diesel generators (gas, petrol, etc.) and benefits of their joint application with filtersysteme transformers TST2, TST2-R and their modifications.

the Application in the system of Autonomous power supply filtersettings transformers TST2, TST2-R and their modifications allows you to:

      1. To normalize the phase and line voltage when the load unbalance current of both steady-state and dynamic modes of operation.

      2. To ensure the normal operation of the generator when the load unbalance current, significantly exceeding the permissible (20-25%).

      3. To reduce failures and surges when turning on and off loads.

      4. To ensure long-term operation of Autonomous sources of electric energy in excess of the load on one phase to 50% capacity of the generator.

      5. A possible implementation of additional functions - option zagruzochnogo device.

      6. Reduce the loss of electrical energy due to lower resistance, reduce harmonics and improve the reliability of Autonomous sources of electric energy and power consumers due to the filtration of higher harmonics, the normalization of the voltage and reduce failures of electrical equipment in networks with unbalanced and nonlinear loads.

      7. To exclude the flow of zero sequence currents, creating additional magnetization of the steel, the deterioration of characteristics of generators and additional heating cores and windings.

      8. To ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic and power equipment with self-contained source of electrical energy.
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