Technical solutions

5 июля 2015

in the power SUPPLY NETWORK 0,4 kV

We offer transformer-based equipment designed modifications filtersettings transformers TST2, TST2-R, TST2-O, TST2-OP. The main advantages of this equipment are its reliability and high power characteristics.

Transformer equipment TST2-O(C) (patent application No. 2010139219-07) for electromagnetic compatibility powerful single-phase loads on a voltage of 220 and (or) 380 V with the mains supply and (or) an Autonomous source of electrical energy.

Transformer equipment TST2-C low impedance for zero sequence currents  to normalize the voltage and suppress the harmonics generated by the switching power supply and other non-linear loads and electromagnetic compatibility powerful single-phase loads from the mains supply and (or) auxiliary electric power source(patent application No. 2010139219-07, No. 2010151247-07).

Transformer equipment TST2/2 (patent application No. 2010151247-07), the crucial task of suppression of higher harmonics in the supply network and / or independent sources of electrical energy when working with non-linear load(a device for suppressing higher harmonics).

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