Products TST2+LIDER

5 июля 2015
Three-phase power supply system of high reliability,
includes balun transformer TST2 and
stabilizers LIDER SQ-1 in three phases
(Energy saving device).

Three-phase power supply system designed to provide the specified quality of electric energy consumers, administrative and residential buildings, cottages, offices, separately zapisyvaysya buildings, with their supply, as from the mains and from offline (backup) power sources, including provide:

• simultaneous stabilization phase and line voltages - steady-state deviation of the phase and line voltages is not more than 0,9% when the input phase voltages in the range from 140 to 270;
• the creation of a sustainable zero-point;
• improving the harmonic content of the output phase voltage by filtering the third and her multiple higher harmonics, the source of which is a modern system of lighting, computer and other non-linear load;
• suppression of high-voltage surges (lightning, switching);
• smoothing and jumps reduction of voltage dips;
• operation of diesel generators with significant load unbalance current in phases;
• reduce the likelihood of fire resulting from short circuits in the electrical network and discharge current in the zero wire;

three Phase power supply system provide power saving and normal operation of electrical receivers with linear voltage in the range 323 - 437, phase voltage can vary from 140 to 270, eliminate the root cause causing the deviation of the phase voltages, namely the displacement of the neutral three-phase power supply system with neutral wire.

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