Products TST2 + STS2M

5 июля 2015

Complete supply of three phase power systems including three-phase filtrability normalizer TST2 and three phase AC voltage stabilizer STS2M (ofSNL-SP), for consumers with high demands for quality and supply voltage when power is supplied from the unstable electric grids, are designed to improve the quality of supply of various industrial electronic office and other power equipment in the conditions, where there are fluctuations in supply voltage within a wide range and are a three-phase system AC voltage 380V, frequency 50Hz.
TST2 + STS2M offer significant advantages:

• have a high accuracy of stabilization of the output line and phase voltage in an extended range of input supply voltages and provide the asymmetry of the load current to 100%;
• ensure that at break of the neutral wire of the mains;
• have high reliability in work on almost any types of loads;
• suppress electromagnetic noise propagating for mains as well as the third and multiples of her higher harmonics from the mains and generated nonlinear and unbalanced loads;
• ensure operation at ambient temperature range from-45S° to +45S°.

In the stabilizer set rated output line voltage in the range from 380 to 400 V and respectively phase voltage from 220 to 231 V.

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