Products TST2 + ABP

5 июля 2015
Three-phase installations for the reduction of losses
electrical energy, the normalization voltage and filtering
higher harmonics with automatic insertion device (ATS).

Three-phase installations for the reduction of losses of electric energy normalization voltages and filtering harmonics type TST2 with ABP are designed to ensure the specified quality of electric energy consumers in their electricity supply from the mains 380V and offline (backup) power sources is a the complete device is designed to connect consumers to diesel alternator if voltage at the main entrance, which provides:

  • alignment (balancing) of the phase voltages and input currents of the power supply 380V (eliminating distortion of the phase voltages and input currents due to the load unbalance current phase
  • decrease resistance and zero sequence of losses of electric energy;
  • the creation of a sustainable zero-point;
  • improve the harmonic content of the output phase voltage by filtering the third and multiples of it, as well as other higher harmonics;
  • electromagnetic compatibility of computer, office electronic equipment with the mains supply or with Autonomous energy sources;
  • operation of diesel generators when the load unbalance current in phases up to 100%;
  • reduce the likelihood of a fire resulting from short circuits in the electrical network;
  • automatic connection of consumers to the diesel unit or the second redundant input 380.

Areas of application are:

- power supply system of separate buildings, offices, cottage villages and individual cottages;
- power supply systems for supermarkets and other large stores;
- power supply system production lines and information systems, computer technology;
- power supply system of filling stations.
- power supply system of the enterprises of housing and communal services;
- power supply system of Autonomous power sources – diesel generators and three-phase uninterruptible power supplies.

Automatic entry (ATS) switches to the backup input when the voltage on the primary input. For primary input is accepted stationary grid 380V, 50Hz. ABP provides the functions of emergency alarms and protection commensurate with GOST R 51321.3-99. The degree of protection shield R GOST 14254-80. Type of climatic performance of the shield UHL 3.1 according to GOST 15150-69.

the Complete device provides:

1. Protection of electric circuits against short-circuit currents and overloads;
2. Automatic switching to the backup input when the voltage on the primary input;
3. the switch back to the primary input when restoring the voltage on it;
4. Gives a signal to start and stop the genset.

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