Products TST2-1

5 июля 2015
Three-phase filtercartridge
normalizers (transformers) AC voltage type TST2-1.

The resulting decision to grant a patent for application No. 2010151247 from 13.12.2010, three-phase filtersettings device that is used in developing modifications TST2-1.

In accordance with guidance and information materials for the design of electrical installations of ТяжЭлектроПромпроекта 2010. No. 1 pp. 13-24) it is recommended to divide the mains single-phase nonlinear loads and equipment total destination.

Developed filtercartridge transformers TST2-1 allow it to make and to exclude the effect of zero sequence currents generated by nonlinear loads, to improve reliability, increase service life, the efficiency of electrical equipment for General purposes, to enhance fire safety, to ensure the quality of electrical energy in accordance with GOST 13109 1997.
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