Justification use TST2

5 июля 2015

the rationale for the use filtersettings transformers
TST and TST2-R, TST2-O and TST2-(A) is three-PHASE and single-PHASE
voltage stabilizers.

currently, widespread use of three-phase AC voltage stabilizers in which to achieve the specified nominal phase voltage of 220V is applied to three independent single-phase voltage stabilizer. Along with this, in most cases declared simultaneous stabilization of linear voltage 380V, which is not always reasonable.

The principle of operation of such stabilizers is as follows: each single-phase stabilizers increases or decreases the voltage of a given phase to nominal, which automatically leads to a change of two line voltages, which include this phase. So, if you wish to increase the voltage of the phase And automatically increase line voltage AB and AC, but since the main reason for the deviation of the phase voltages is the shift in neutral, the stabilization of the phase voltages in many cases leads to asymmetry of the line voltages. And asymmetry of the line voltages very adversely affects the operation of three-phase loads, such as motors, significantly reducing their service life.
In the vector diagram line and phase voltages, which are presented clearly seen (Fig.1) how to improve and low voltage on one phase stabilizer aligns the modules of the vectors of phase voltages 0A, 0B and 0C, because of this equilateral triangle formed by the vectors are initially equal in magnitude of the line voltages AB, BC, CA into an arbitrary triangle with unequal magnitude of the linear stresses, there is an asymmetry of the line voltages.

Fig. 1

Thus, three phase voltage stabilizers solving the task of stabilization of the phase voltages at the same time provide the non-symmetry of the line voltages. It is also necessary to take into account a significant loss of electric power and reliability of voltage stabilizers with movable wear and electronic components).
We offer a solution to the problem and recommend the use of filtercartridge transformers TST and TSTR, which provide the normalization phase, and if necessary and line voltages, eliminate the distortion of the phase voltages and redistribute the unbalanced load current on the three phase mains. In Fig. 2 shows the alignment of the phase voltages using filtersettings transformers type TEST. The equilateral triangle formed by the vectors are initially equal in magnitude of the line voltages AB, BC, CA remains unchanged, and the alignment of the modules of the vectors of phase voltages 0A, 0B and 0C is due to the elimination of bias neutral and create a sustainable zero point 0.


Using the RST 2 instead of the three-phase voltage stabilizer is recommended in that case, if the line voltage is symmetrical and are in the range 380V ±5% (360-400). If line voltage or asymmetric and outside the above ranges, it is recommended the use TST2-R or TST2 together with a three-phase group of single-phase stabilizers. In contrast to the known three-phase regulators (stabilizers) AC voltage type STS, Lider, Sassin and others, filtersettings the normalizers TST2-R booster winding is connected from the mains. This is to ensure that it does not leak your load zero-sequence current, the flow of which causes additional losses and distortion.
The advantages are obvious: increased reliability, less cost, less loss of electrical energy. Filtrability transformer provides a parametric balancing stress, more uniform the distribution of phase and line loads when operating from the mains, as well as the stable operation of the diesel generator when you download one, two phases and when the unbalance of loads on three phases - increased service life, reduced fuel consumption, reduced wear on the diesel generator.
The advantages of using three-phase-single-phase transformer TST2 and three-phase-single-phase Normalizer (regulator) voltage TST2-O (A) in comparison with single-phase AC voltage stabilizers:

   1.The decrease in the maximum values consumed from the mains current 1.5 times, which creates additional opportunities to increase capacity;
   2.No need for balancing of loads (especially useful when the load cannot be divided into three groups).
   3.Filtering the third and her multiple higher harmonics generated by nonlinear loads;
   4.Elimination of the influence of unbalance voltages (bias neutral) on the value of the single-phase voltage;
   5.Prostate and reliability, with a minimum of switching elements in the product, with a wide range of compensable changes of input voltages achieved through balancing and three regulation levels (for TST-O(A)). Заглянув один раз, вы обязательно бесплатные программы скачаете для пк с лучшего сайта последние хорошие фильмы смотреть онлайн на кинопортале или ещё можно шаблоны dle 10.2 бесплатые на лучшем сайте.
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