5 июля 2015

The main activities of the company are:

1.Razrabotka and manufacturing of energy-saving equipment. The company manufactures transformers filtrosimmetriruyuschie proprietary type TST2 and TST2R for solving the normalization of stress, quality of electric energy in accordance with GOST 13109-97, and EN 50160-94 standard and to reduce electricity losses.

2. Development and manufacturing of energy-efficient equipment based on the use of phase-shifting transformers and autotransformers, as well as a system with:
- Input switching,
- Automatic entry reserve,
- Diesel generator sets,
- UPS,
- Installation of automatic reactive power compensation,
- AC voltage stabilizer.

3. Energy audit, in terms of quality of electric energy, and make recommendations, if necessary, the individual technical solutions to address specific problems of power supply.
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