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5 июля 2015

Electrical power is the most important sector of any country, because its products (electric power) refers to a universal type of energy. It can easily be transmitted over long distances, divided into a large number of consumers. One of the specific characteristics of electricity is that it can not be stockpiled for later use. At any time, it must comply with the production of its consumption.

Energysupplysaving thereof is of the greatest challenges of the XXI century. From the results of solving the problem depends on how effectively reducing costs in the production or provision of services.

LLC "energy balance" is on the market developments and technical solutions for the reduction of electricity losses, extend the life of the equipment used and the quality of electric energy in a real non-linear loads.

LLC "energy balance" offers filtrosimmetriruyuschie normalizers (transformers) such as TST2 and TST2-R, as well as single phase, three phase-voltage transformers filtrosimmetriruyuschie.

The appointment of such devices:
• reduction of energy losses in the distribution network and the supply transformer;
• discharge current neutral;
• balancing voltage phases and lower distortion;
• longer service life of equipment and electromagnetic compatibility;
• Reduction of failures and surges, as well as reducing stress "earth - neutral».

Magnetic filtrosimmetriruyuschih TST2 type transformers are produced in UNICORE, significantly reducing their own losses and improves the basic characteristics of these devices.

LLC "energy balance" offers development and manufacturing plants to reduce electricity losses, the normalization of voltage harmonics suppression based on the application of phase-shifting transformers, and complete deliveries - filtrosimmetriruyuschih normalizers (transformer) voltage stabilization voltage of one, two or three phases and filter- setting.

LLC "energy balance" of contracts with terms of reference agreed with the customer, carries out orders for complex electrotechnological equipment that requires individual development for special transformers, rectifiers, power supply, filter-installation.

If you are interested, we are ready to consider all your proposals to provide additional technical information. You can contact us by phone 8 (3452) 983-982 or email energobalans-urfo@yandex.ru.

We will be happy to cooperate.

Best regards,
Alexander Hammers
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